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temples in srivilliputtur

Andal Temple - Click Here

Vatapatara Sayee temple:

The majestic and magnificent Rajagopuram never gets missed from the eyes of the travelers from a long distance even before reaching the town.The 192 feet high gopuram has found an enviable place suitably representing the ancient architecture, culture and beauty of the Tamilians in the emblem of Government of Tamilnadu.Vatapatra Sayee is further known in other names like Pallikonda paramaswamy,Vata perun koil udayan and Periya Perumal.The temple is situated just adjacent to Andal temple.Connecting them in between is the garden - the birth place of The Tamil poetess Andal and her guardian parent Periyalwar.

The sanctum sanctorum is two tiered. You have to climb steps to have a darshan of Lord Vatapatra sayee who is resting in a recumbent posture under "Vimal krithi vimanam"; All the celestials like Narada Rishi, Markandeya Rishi, Garuda, Surya, Sanathkumaras and the consorts of Lord Sridevi and Boodevi are present along with the resting Moolavar.Another very important and unique aspect of temple is that Moolavar is made of “sudhai” and not stone as in other temples.When we come down, we have the darshan of Lord Lakshminarasimha in the lower tier of sanctum sanctorum.In front is “Gopala Vilasam” a beautiful Mandapam where “Pagal Pathu Adhyayana utsavam” during Margazhi month and ‘Unjal thavam” in Aippasi month are celebrated. Vaikunta Ekadasi is another festival in Margazhi month . On that day only ‘vaikunda Vasal’ is openned. Devotees throng in thousands forming long queues to have the darshan of Lord Rangamannar- Vatapatrasayee through Vaikuntavasal on Vaikunta Ekadasi.



Madavar Valagam Vaidyanathar temple:

The temple is again a specialty of Srivilliputtur because of the six feet monolithic Nataraja image. It is considered to be an architectural engineering of olden period.

Tiruvannamalai Venkatachalapathy Temple:

It is believed Once Lord Balaji came here for hunting and stayed back permanently .The place is called Then tirupathi. Devotees from nearby places come and offer their worship during Purattasi festival.


Kattalagar Temple: It is situated at a distance of six kms on mantuga hills. The theertha thotti has got perennial water supply.

Sathuragiri Hills Sundaramahalingam and Sandhanamahalingam Temples:

These temples are inside the forest and can be reached through a trek of 13 kms on the hills. you will also come across two small water falls and rare varieties of medicinal plants. Siddhars were belived to have inhabited these forests.


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