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srivilliputtur andal temple

andal temple,srivilliputhur 


Srivilliputtur Andal Temple

The entrance is the Pillar hall flanked by Vanamamalai Jeer Mutt and Vedanta Desikar mutt.There are shops attracting our purses on items of fancy and temple related articles.Next we enter into Divine Marriage Hall which has exquisite sculptures and paintings depicting Ramayana. We are surprised to see the carved image of the Saivaite Saint Appar in one of the pillars and we have to revere the religious tolerance of those kings and people who constructed it.Next is the ‘Kodi Mandapam’. It is decorated with the sculptures of Lord Rama,Lakshmana, Guhan, Arjuna Rudra kanigai, mohini and Saraswathi.It is a feast to eyes to watch the ancient exquisite beauties like these and drawings. None can miss Anjaneyar Sannidhi , Sri Gajalakshmi darshan and glass hall.

Near to it is Madhavipandal. The enclosure is excellently painted with 108 divya Shetras of Lord Vishnu.The other entrance from Vatapatrasayee temple is the connecting garden.Through this garden, where Andal was believed to have played around and lived, we can enter the Thayar temple-otherwise known as Sri Andal sannidhi. Andal is called as ‘Soodithantha sudarkodi’ or ‘Kothai nachiyar’.In the sanctum sanctorum Thayar-the divine Mother- is giving darshan from under golden plated ‘Pranavakirthi vimanam’. The vimanam is beautified with the poems of Sri Andal. we have another surprise and unique sight that Garudalwar is given a place in the same golden seating along with Thayar and Lord Rajamannar while in all places he has a separate sannidhi.



The famous Tiruppora mandapam is in the garden, where Andal was found by Periyalwar under Tulsi plants as a little child. Andal as a child is worshipped here. This mandapam and Andal idol were built by Periyalwar after his return from Srirangam where he handed over Andal in marriage to Lord Rajamannar.One should not miss the separate shrines for ten avatars of Lord Vishnu within the temple.Both the temples were renovated several times under Pandiya and Nayakkar periods.Pavai Nonbu during the Tamil month of Margazhi is very important festival.But Adipooram attracts thousands of people for watching the car festival.


Tirumukkulam is the Punniya theertham for the devotees. It is a belief that Srichakra of Lord Patrasayee, after annihilation of Kalanemi, had an immersion in this theertham to clean of itself. Temple has nine more tanks in side.

If one makes a prayer to the divine Mother- Thayar- it is believed the prayer is heard and granted. Thousands of people make special prayers to Andal for education, success in business, marriage and child. The devotees usually offer tulsi garlands, butter, clothes and lamps. Nowadays people share feeding expenses of the temple to poor.

Many families whole heartedly pray for the marriage for their daughters and get good grooms after these prayers. If the eleven poems starting from ‘Varanam Aayiram’ are sung by the girls, who are in waiting for marriage for want of grooms, will get married very soon. The poems were written by Andal. It is called “Nachiyar Tirumozhi’.

During festivals abhishekams gather importance. The Abisheka thailam, which contains the essence 61 herbs, is believed to have medicinal qualities. People apply this oil on their body for various diseases as medicine.

Srivilliputtur is hot and dry. Rains are the only source of water. Usually wells get dried during summers. But the well in the temple has never dried up.

Andal is believed to have used the well as mirror to watch her reflection. That is the reason why the well is named as ‘mirror well’- ‘Kannadi Kinaru’. Kannadi theeertham is famous.

Once Andal had a desire to offer 100 pots of butter and Akara vadisal to Kallazhagar, The Lord of Azhzgar Koil in madurai. She could not do it in her lifetime. But Sri Ramanujar did it on her behalf. When Ramanujar visited the temple later, Andal voice was heard calling him “My dear elder Brother”- ‘Anna’.Ramaunajar has become ‘Koil annan’ from that day.

"The garlands with the parrots made of leaves and flowers" are prepared daily by florists with fresh flowers and leaves and offered to Thayar.



Speciality of Andal garland and Tirupathi Balaji:

Tirupathi Brahmotsavam is important festival all over South India and attracts millions of devotees.

It is quite interesting to know that a Garland worn by Andal is sent all along to Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh one day before the Brahmotsavam starts. The mala is used for garlanding Lord Balaji.

In the same manner every year, Tirupathi Balaji’s garland is sent to Srivilliputtur for marriage festival of Andal Thayar.Not only Balaji of Tirupathi, Kallazhagar of Madurai is also presented with a garland worn by Andal on Chithirai Festival day.

Srivilliputtur Andal Temple Contact Details:

Arulmigu Nachiar Temple
Srivilliputtur- 626125
Tamil Nadu
Tel: 04563-260254


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