srivilliputtur guide



andal temple pooja timings

  6:30 am Andal Viswa Roopam
  8:30 am Kala Santhi Pooja
  12:00 pm Uchikkala Pooja
  1:00 pm Temple Closing Time
  4:00 pm Temple Opening Time
  6:00 pm Saya Ratchai Pooja
  8:00 pm Arthajama Pooja
  9:00 pm Temple Closing Time


Six kalam(timing) Pooja is performed in Srivilliputtur Andal temple Daily

Morning Pooja in Andal Temple:

    • People visit the temple early in the morning to have Darshan of  Andal Thayar who is believed to wake up from her sleep on seeing a ‘Karam Pasu’- that is Gow-puja in Sanskrit and cow pooja in Indian English.

    Andal Abhishekam:

    Thirumanjanam is Performed to andal on every Friday.Devotees can offer thirumanjanam to all deities in the temple by prior appointment on any day( except on festival days).

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